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Oct, 2022
10 & 20 Year Warranty

Masport AVA Extended Warranty

Masport AVA Extended Warranty

To receive the Masport AVA extended warranty, the Masport AVA pressure cleaner must be registered within 6 months of purchase via the Masport website.*

If the pressure cleaner is not registered within a 6-month period after purchase, the maximum warranty on the machine is 5 years.

The pressure cleaner must have a maintenance service by an approved Masport AVA service provider, at a minimum once every five years to validate the extended warranty. By doing so, the warranty is extended by a further 5 years. If there is no service agent available please contact the Masport Customer Service team in your region.

For Go and Smart series models, the warranty is extended up to a maximum of 10 years, and for the Master series, the maximum warranty period is 20 years.
All Masport AVA accessories come with a 2-year warranty only.

The maintenance service is at the cost of the consumer. The maintenance service fee is subject to change and will need to be confirmed at the time the service is due. The service fee will be determined by the service agent on a price-on-application basis.

What is covered with the 10/20-year warranty period.

  • The pressure cleaner unit is limited to the following components: Chassis, Hose reel, Swivel, Main Switch, Electric Motor, Capacitor, Pump, Gear, Wheels and Microswitch.

What is not covered by the 10/20-year warranty

  • External components and accessories including pressure hose, pressure gun, lance, nozzles and all other AVA accessories such as patio cleaner, foam gun, brushes etc.
  • Internal components include Universal motor brushes, O-rings and the pump wear and tear parts. Be aware, a worn brush or pump can occur before the next maximum service interval following extended use of the pressure washer or through impurities in the water, including bore water and may require service prior to the 5-year warranty period.
  • Colour fading/miscolouring and general wear and tear.
  • A failure resulting from misuse, neglect, blunt force or accidental damage.

The pressure washers come with a consumer warranty, meaning a warranty dedicated to those who purchase the product for domestic purposes only. Any rental, professional or shared use within different households and non-intended use will void this warranty.


*Masport AVA Series warranties can be registered on http://www.masportavaseries.com or here.