Privacy Policy

Masport Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information collected through its website. Detailed below is how the information about you is gathered and what the information is used for. Masport Limited will only use and/or disclose this information for its own business purposes but it is agreed Masport Limited can use any information obtained by it where Masport Limited is entitled to under its general terms and conditions and/or otherwise or where you have provided an express and/or implied consent to do so.


Collection of Personal Information

Masport collects certain personal information from all users of its websites (including you). This information includes:

  • information voluntarily provided when registering to use the website;
  • information obtained by Masport as to your activity on this website including but not limited to your computer’s IP address, pages accessed in the website, the number of visits to the website amongst other website behaviour and access by you;
  • Data and/or any other information contained in online forms whether submitted to Masport Limited or howsoever retrieved from the website by Masport Limited.
  • Other data of overall website use which includes measurement of traffic to our website and its individual pages but which may not relate to you personally.


Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to assist in providing services requested by you through our website and/or otherwise;
  • to verify your identity in particular in the event assistance is requested by us or we need to exchange confidential information to you;
  • to provide further information to you about other services that we consider to be of interest to you
  • internal research
  • for any future marketing, promotional and publicity purposes
  • to improve our website and for the development of new products and services
  • any other use incidental to the operation of the business of Masport Limited and you
  • and/your business.


How We Share The Information We Collect

Masport Limited, or its subsidiaries or affiliates, are the owners of different brands of related products, including but not limited to, Masport and Morrison.

Any information provided through any of the websites of Masport Limited, Morrison and/or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates is from time to time combined and shared between the Masport Limited and Morrison entities. We also share the information provided with third-party service providers under contract with Masport Limited, or its subsidiaries or affiliates, to help us provide services to you.

These service providers may include credit card payment processors, e-mail marketers, website analytics providers, and chat communications providers.

We also will share your information with third parties who sell products or services that we believe might be of interest to you, such as independent dealers who sell our products and services and merchant partners who provide related products and services, such as gardening equipment or supplies.

We may by law on occasion be required to disclose to third parties the information provided to us by you.

We may disclose account and other personal information when we believe disclosure is necessary to comply with such legal requirements and/or where the rights, property, or safety of Masport Limited, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, our users, or other persons may be affected.

This includes but is not limited to exchanging information with other companies and organisations to assist in fraud detection and/or credit reporting and credit risk processes (including debt collection agencies).

We may also disclose your personal information to prospective purchasers of any interest in Masport Limited, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or their assets and/or to any person to facilitate such commercial transactions.


Protection Information

Masport has instituted systems to limit the likelihood of information held by Masport to be accessed without your authority.

While every endeavour is made to protect the information Masport cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that the information will not be accessed but that Masport has systems to protect the integrity of the security of the information to the greatest possible degree. Masport will not and is not responsible for any unauthorised access and/or attempts to access information held by it and for any loss flowing (whether consequential and/or otherwise) from the unauthorised accessing of the information.


Access to and Updating Your Personal Information

Masport acknowledges that under the Privacy Act individuals may have the right to access information held solely in relation to that individual by Masport. To the extent an individual has the right to access and correct information under the Privacy Act Masport will use its best endeavours to facilitate such rights without compromising the integrity of information provided by third parties and/or to provide any information of a generic nature (including but not limited to data and/or information concerning the accessing of different parts of the website, information as to the overall numbers of users utilising the website and any information of that nature).


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change also, and we reserve the right, at our sole discretion to change any part of our Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to the Privacy Policy shall be effective immediately upon posting on this website.


Contacting Us

In the first instance any queries or questions over the application of Masport's Privacy Poiicy ought to be directed to


Terms and Conditions as to Privacy

Nothing in these terms and conditions derogates from the Privacy requirements contained in the General Terms and Conditions of Masport Limited which you are deemed to have accepted by using this website (a copy of which can be obtained on request from Masport).

You acknowledge that all information is being held and stored according to the requirements of New Zealand law and all dealings are subject to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts.